Photo 8-HistoryGilmac is an exceptionally pretty and unique pink dappled and striped mutation of Royal gala.

McGrath Nurseries Ltd manages this variety for A. R. Gilbertson who found the mutation in his orchard in the north island of New Zealand in the early 1990's.

The mutation was stabilized over several generations of careful selection to isolate the desirable characteristics and Gilmac is noted for its stability.  McGrath Nurseries Ltd applied for PVR and it was granted.  

After investigating various commercial pathways, it was mutually decided by the parties that the best way forward was to limit volume. A small group of growers was formed for production in conjunction with a single exporter and targeted marketing.

Due to this process of careful selection and structuring, Gilmac regularly achieves a 50% premium over other gala strains adding value to all stakeholders.

Further volume of Gilmac is required due to market growth.

Interested parties should contact McGrath Nurseries Ltd. 

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