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Starletta® is the registered trademark for an extremely high quality white-fleshed cherry ripening in the early/mid season.

It has exceptional flavour, brix, size and texture.  

The variety whose denomination is 13N0739 was imported for testing from PICO in Canada who are agents for the owners, PARC.

During the testing period a tester approached McGrath Nurseries Ltd for an exclusive grower license.  

McGrath Nurseries Ltd evaluated the known test information, formulated a commercialization strategy and then successfully negotiated an exclusive production based license for the tester in conjunction with an exclusive marketing agreement with Freshmax.

McGrath Nurseries Ltd have formulated the controlled production system, registered the trademark and applied for PVR protection allowing premiumisation of the product.  

McGrath Nurseries Ltd also provide IP management systems, reporting, royalty collection and auditing systems for PICO. 

This has created a win/win situation for all stakeholders.

For more information view our Starletta® variety sheet...


Starletta® is marketed through: 

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