Sweet Valentine®

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Sweet Valentine® is the registered trademark for the variety Summac.  

It arose as a mutation from the parent variety Lapins at Summerfruit Orchards Limited
in Central Otago.  

At the time of its discovery, it was the latest maturing cherry in New Zealand, and
the first cherry in New Zealand to be developed under controlled production.  


Sweet Valentine® combines the attributes of its parent variety:

  • Larger fruit size,
  • Later maturity, and
  • A unique stem and fruit bunch formation.  

McGrath Nurseries Ltd provided PVR application and maintenance services and trademark registration for the owners.  

McGrath Nurseries Ltd provided the commercialization concept and continue to provide legal contract services.  

McGrath Nurseries Ltd are the exclusive licensee for propagation of the variety.  

Growers interested in Sweet Valentine® in your orchard, please contact us.


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