IMGP9703Honeycrisp is new to New Zealand but established as a super premium apple in USA and Europe, yielding high grower returns currently two to three times the retail price of other varieties in the USA and Europe. The market opportunity that the Honeycrisp variety presents for New Zealand growers cannot be overstated – this apple variety currently out-earns any other variety of apples grown in NZ for the export market.

The apple has an “explosively crisp” texture and wonderful flavour.

Honeycrisp trees are available to growers South of Christchurch, exclusively from McGrath Nurseries Ltd under controlled production terms.

Honeycrisp is managed for the University of Minnesota in the USA where the quality of the apple is well known.  The Honeycrisp apple variety was developed by James Luby and David Bedford of the University of Minnesota.

McGrath Nurseries Ltd have provided technical variety assessment, identified the best growing areas and commercialization pathway, organized growers, market testing and developed a unique marketing structure to ensure premium returns for New Zealand growers and stakeholders utilizing in-market partnerships and the use of Registered Trademarks.

The rights are held by McGrath Licensed Varieties Ltd (100% wholly owned by Andy McGrath) and management and logistics sublicensed to Honeycrisp New Zealand Ltd who are the sole marketers for the Honeycrisp apple in and from New Zealand.  

To find out more about growing Honeycrisp in New Zealand, please visit the Honeycrisp New Zealand website, or contact McGrath Nurseries Ltd.

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