Colour Codes by Year

McGrath Nurseries colour codes their nursery trees with an identifying non-toxic paint as a means of positively identifying the tree variety for several years.

McGrath Nurseries was the first nursery to use painted colour coding in New Zealand, replacing labels that are easily faded in our New Zealand sunshine or accidentally removed during the digging, shipping or planting process.

Colour coding not only benefits the nursery in identifying the correct trees during the digging and shipping process, but also saves the orchardist time wasted reading labels and gives total accuracy when they are under pressure at planting time.

The post budding deheading cut on the rootstock is painted with a specialized wind protectant which we tint to denote each type of rootstock.  The variety is painted with one or more colour codes during the autumn immediately prior to dispatch.  In general, we try to keep the colour codes identical but changing trends and varieties mean that some codes are used for different varieties in different years.

Below for your convenience are the colour codes for each year of use since 2005.

There is nothing worse than the wrong trees in a row in your orchard!  It is prudent to check your trees against the colour charts below before planting. Please contact us if you have any questions or feel that you have not received the correct tree variety.


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