Orchard Layout

Most existing commercial orchardists are highly familiar with the intricacies of their soils and micro-climates and know what is required to achieve maximum production from their site. However, even for the experienced, new varieties can put a twist to the tale so this is an area we ensure we have particular expertise with any of our new material.

Many new orchardists are bewildered by the decisions facing them and it is a cruel twist of fate that some of their most critical decisions must be made at a time when they lack experience. For new clients we are happy to look at your orchard design or become involved at a variety mix/orchard design/planting layout level and to have an input into you success.

We have a particular skill in the laying out of cherry and apricot orchards and have had and continue to have an input into many of New Zealand’s most successful orchards.

We are familiar with every growing district in New Zealand and many orchards throughout each district and are regarded as “part of the team” for many of our clients.

We make no charge for these services as we believe this keeps us in touch with commercial reality and with the ongoing needs of our clients.

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