Consulting Service

McGrath Nurseries are specialists in the production of fruit trees and rootstocks.  We know most commercial fruit varieties well and how they perform in your region.

Growing quality fruit requires the right trees in the right environment with proper care.  Basically, it's all about planning...

We can provide solutions for your orchard by assisting you with advice on:

  • Choosing the right fruit varieties for your orchard.
  • The rootstocks that will work best in your soils.
  • Orchard layout recommendations.
  • Planting densities and support systems required for your trees.
  • Pollination suggestions for your fruit varieties.  
  • Tree planting and early tree training. 
Additionally, we keep in touch with fruit growing at a technical level and may be able to offer assistance with training and pruning guidelines, soil fertility and orchard management for optimal fruit quality.
For many of our clients, we are a strong source of technical input and are genuinely interested in the success of our clients
Of course, we also provide you with quality fruit trees.




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