Pruning of your fruit trees is required to balance the vegetative and reproductive state of your tree and as a primary means of regulating crop load and fruit quality.  

Each variety performs differently and specific notes on tree form are included in our variety sheets where applicable and useful.  

Different species and varieties perform differently and best quality fruit is produced on different types of wood so no meaningful general advice can be given.  

Pruning is part of a complex matrix of decisions that is beyond the scope of this website.  We keep abreast of trends in Orchards Systems and can often give advice on how to make specific decisions or to refer clients to others who are familiar with or who can be collaborated with in your area.  

Bruce Barritts book, Intensive Orchard Management has some good guidelines for apple pruning and is listed in our Library.  This book also includes 'The Orchard System Puzzle' which is included under Resources.

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