Why do you use a rootstock?

Rootstocks are used to give a root system of known qualities and vigour (pest and disease resistance, anchorage, soil adaptability, etc.) to a scion variety which may or may not be capable of forming its own roots.

Can I buy just 1 or 2 trees?

We are a wholesale nursery and most of our trees are grown to order and sold to commercial growers.  We have a few varieties that are grown for retail nurseries and home gardeners that are sold in minimum bundles of 5 for stone fruit and 10 for pip fruit varieties.  We will expand this listing as the Home Gardener section of our website comes online.  

Is there a particular time of year that you deliver?

Normal shipping time for stone fruit and pear trees is May 25 to August 1.  Normal shipping time for apple trees is June 25 to September 14.  For more information on delivery, please see the Orders section of our website. 

Is GST included in the price of the trees?

As we primarily supply commercial growers, our trees are quoted exclusive of GST and royalties which are additional and quoted separately.  Freight and packing are also additional.

Do tree royalties apply when I order a few replacement trees?

Yes.  The royalty charge is per tree, not per tree space or per hectare.  Royalties are then paid from the Nursery to the Variety Owner annually.  The only exception is that some owners will waive the per tree royalty when the Nursery accepts liability for the tree death and replaces the tree at no charge.  We think this is fair to all parties as per hectare or per tree space royalties would be significantly higher.

Can I collect my trees?

Clients may either collect their trees or we will pack and dispatch them according to specific instructions or by the most efficient and cost effective means at a time suitable for shipment, notified in advance.  Freight is paid by the purchaser.

Do you sell to the public?

We grow trees mainly for the commercial orchardist.  We will sell to the public in commercial quantities or in minimum quantities through our Home Gardener section of the website.  We do not have a retail store.

What rootstock is suitable for my soil?

See the Rootstock section of our website which describes the rootstocks available for various fruit varieties and what will best fit your particular soil types.

What is a bare root tree?

It is a tree that is not potted or planted in a medium.  The roots are bare. Please see our section on Caring for New Trees to ensure proper storage and planting.

Should I plant my new trees in Autumn or Spring?

There are a number of inter-related factors that affect whether trees should be transplanted during autumn or spring.  Essentially it depends on balancing the outcome you wish with your skills.  See further information on Autumn Planting vs. Spring Planting.  

My tree flowers but does not produce fruit, why?

The answer to this question can be very complex, but the likeliest causes are lack of suitable pollination, early frost damage, or blossom infection by a fungus (especially in stone fruit).  See our Pollination section on this website for guidelines in pollination.

What is the best row spacing for my trees?

Spacing of trees (tree density) depends on the fruit variety, rootstock, combination, soil type, and a number of other factors.  See the Tree Density section of our website under 'Resources' for further information.  

Do you sell your trees in pots?

Our trees are dug bare rooted and are sold bare root in bundles.  They need to be stored properly before planting.  Planting instructions are listed in more detail in the Care of Trees section under Resources.

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