Intellectual property rights

Under New Zealand law, the owner of a Plant Variety Rights (PVR) grants the right to control who propogates the variety.

Similarly, the owner of a trademark for a plant variety has the right to control who uses the trademark in commerce. PVR protected varieties owned by McGrath Nurseries Ltd may be propogated and grown only under the terms of a written license granted to the licensee by Mcgrath Nurseries, Ltd. Trademarks owned by McGrath Nurseries Ltd. may be used only with the written permission of McGrath Nurseries Ltd. Reproduction of our protected varieties for any purpose, or use of trademarks for those varieties, without a written license from McGrath Nurseries, Ltd. is prohibited.

For further information on varieties and trademarks licensed by McGrath Nurseries, Ltd., please see the ‘Variety Management’ Section of this website.

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