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Order your fruit trees direct from McGrath Nurseries

Please note: This order section is for commercial growers only. Home gardeners, please visit the home gardening section.

STEP 1. 
View the Maturity Charts Our Fruit Trees: Apple / Apricot / Cherry / Nectarine / Peach / Plum / Pear 

STEP 2. Read the Variety information Sheets for details on the particular variety you are interested in

STEP 3. Decide on the Varieties you want

STEP 4. Complete our Order Request Form, including agreements, and we will be in touch to confirm availability



- Andy McGrath
McGrath Nurseries, Ltd


We reccomend that you place your order 18-24 months in advance. We strive to keep a stock of the most common varieties into the current year, however, to ensure that trees are available is for you to plan and place your orders 18-24 months in advance to ensure we meet your request. So, we reccommend that you place your order in advance to avoid dissapointment.

Your order date is based on the date your deposit is recieved. Since our current inventory is constantly fluctuating, when we receive your Order Form we will check it against available inventory and email you a confirmation/deposit request and relevant agreements for your varieties within 2 weeks. While we make every effort  to ensure we have trees available for all orders, we are dealing with live plants and occasionally shortfalls occur. In case of shortfalls, the orders are prioritised on the dates that all paperwork and deposits are received, NOT dates of communications.

If you need advanced technical advice, learn more on our technical assistance resource section or contact us.
We are delighted to have you as a customer of McGrath Nurseries. Thank you for your business!


Terms of Trade

The trees and dormant buds are sold by McGrath Nurseries on the following terms of trade: Download here: McGrath - Terms of Trade PDF


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