Pear Rootstock Height Chart

icon-pearPear scion variety growth on clonal rootstock compared to seedling

Roostock-Diagram 01 Roostock-Diagram 26 Roostock-Diagram 27

Quince C

BA29 C

Approx Tree Size  30 - 35%  50 - 65%
Productivity Tick-Double  Tick
Crown Gall Resistance Tick Tick
Pear Decline Resistant Tick Tick
Precoaty  Tick-Double Tick
Suckering Tick-Medium Tick-Medium
No Support Required Tick Cross

KeyCross no / many   |   Tick-Medium medium / few   |   Tick yes / none  |  Tick-Plus  yes / high   |   Tick-Double yes / very high   | ? not known

* The Seedling Tree Height is standard. All of our trees are grown on rootstocks. The above diagram shows how tall a tree will grow on a rootstock compared to how tall a tree will grow on a seedling.

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