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Empyrean® 2 (USA)



A. Nicotra and L. Moser, Istituto Spenmentale per la Frutticoltura, Rome Italy 1995 



Selection of Prunus domestica seedling c.v. imperial epineuse


Size compared to P Queen seedling:

Unknown under NZ conditions, but likely to be around the size of Peach Seedlings 


Heavy wet soil, calceolarius soil, water hogging


Resistant to Verticillium dahllae, Armillarea mellea and Phytophthora cactorum 


None Known 


Unknown in New Zealand 



Self Supporting 





Graft compatability excellent with peach, nectarine, apricot, plum and almond.

Anchorage is excellent with no suckering.  

Penta delays almond bloom by 5-6 days compared to GF677.  It reduces peach and nectarine vigour by 10-20%.

It has similar vigour to peach seedling (about 90%) and advances fruit maturity by several days with improved fruit colour.

Fruit size in apricot is improved over plum rootstock (Myro 29c).

Yield efficiency similar to peach seedling.

With apricot, vitour is reported to be just less than peach seedling.


    Test selection:  This is not an offer of sale for this rootstock.  Trees are produced to order only and a test fee applies.

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