Health & environment

Since the nurseries' inception in 1989 we have seen and been involved with startling changes in fruit tree growing , fruit varieties and fruit growing.

We are fully compliant with all health, safety and environmental legislation.

McGrath Nurseries maintains and is motivated by a strong environmental awareness and we constantly seek to improve our environmental performance utilising current, new and emerging technologies and methods.

Our nursery is consciously located in an area of high and even natural rainfall and we use little or no groundwater resource for production on any of our properties.

We utilise the simplest forms of fertilisers available, avoiding compound chemistries to minimise groundwater leaching of nutrients. Soil and foliar testing and application of appropriate rates of fertiliser is integral to this process.

We treat the soil as a biologically active medium worthy of protection and enhancement and farm using minimum tillage techniques to retain soil structure. We practise careful and planned crop rotation to avoid the use of fumigants and to promote the growth of the healthiest trees.

We are actively involved in the trialling and development of new chemistries, particularly those focused on environmentally friendly technologies. We utilise integrated pest management (IPM).

Whilst our focus is on consumer quality we actively seek and preferentially develop plant varieties that have high natural tolerance or resistance to diseases and pests and therefore require fewer chemical inputs.

We have been the prime mover in the introduction of the Geneva® apple rootstocks in New Zealand . These naturally bred, multi pest and disease resistant rootstocks have eliminated the need for soil application of organophosphates and reduced copper applications in New Zealand orchards.

We are continuously and actively working on decreasing waste at all levels including fuels, lubricants and fertilisers and maintain a recycling process.

The nursery production process is one of carbon fixation and the construction of this website has spurred us to commission a study of our carbon footprint which we believe may be negative. We will report this in this website in due course.

McGrath Nurseries is proud of it’s environmental and health status and we continue to improve all of our practices to do our part in making the environment a cleaner and healthier one in the future.















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