Variety Management

McGrath Nurseries Ltd has been an innovator in variety development and have been leaders in the selection, importation/exportation, evaluation, development and promotion of new varieties since 1989.  

We have worldwide contacts in the fruit industry and work closely with New Zealand and International peers in the selection, development and management of new varieties. Varieties introduced by our nursery have significantly changed the shape of fruit growing in New Zealand, and we are continually looking for products to improve the New Zealand industry. Our aim is to accurately assess varietal worth and then work closely with our partners to add value for all stakeholders. McGrath Nurseries Ltd provides seamless bridging between variety owners and commercial success with knowledge, expertise and distinction in providing the following services:

Propagation and variety testing

  • Specialist, expert propagators.
  • Actively test varieties in whole country or designated districts in secure sites.
  • We arrange independent scientific testing in conjunction with recognised experts if necessary.
  • Provide rapid, accurate reporting of test results.
  • Assess variety value and recommend best commercialization pathway.

Variety protection

  • Skilled in legal complexities of PVR, Trademark(™) and Registered trademark (®) applications and designations.
  • Legal documentation - Plant Variety Rights documentation and compliance, testing agreements and non-propagation agreements.
  • In-house master non-propagation system.


  • Capable of managing all facets of commercialization within New Zealand or throughout the world depending on the variety and needs of the owner.
  • Market testing and promotion of the variety and/or brand within New Zealand or throughout the world to reach full market potential.
  • As exclusive propagators, we are uniquely placed to fast track your material and ensure all trees are propagated legally and that subsequent royalties are collected.

Royalty collection, ongoing monitoring and auditing

  • Royalty collection, remittance, reporting and auditing.
  • Regularly monitor export sales and markets for illegally propagated material and trademark usage.

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