Seasonal employment

To compliment the core team of workers, McGrath Nurseries employ 5-12 seasonal workers for up to 9 months of the year during our peak seasons of January 15-March 20 and mid-May to mid-September. McGrath Nurseries is committed to employing New Zealand citizens that are qualified and available to fill positions. We maintain a good relationship through WINZ (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment/ Department of Labour) for assistance in sourcing seasonal employees.

Recognized Seasonal Employment (RSE) Program

McGrath Nurseries are also involved and committed to the Recognized Seasonal Employment (RSE) Scheme which was set up by the Government and piloted by McGrath Nurseries Ltd in 2008. The RSE Scheme has been a successful program providing McGrath Nurseries with a stable, work ready and suitable work force for our peak seasonal times. The program benefits McGrath Nurseries as many of the RSE workers return annually with skills acquired the previous years and are ready to do the job. The employees benefit by returning home with new skills and money that can be used to improve the lives of their families and their home islands. McGrath Nurseries are genuinely committed to this program and enjoy the richness and cultural flavour our Pacific neighbors bring with them.

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