Maturity Royal Gala plus four to five days
Colour Pink blush with dapples not stripes. The dappling is composed in a way very similar to Fuji
Size Same as for Royal Gala
Shape Conical to round conical
Skin Thickness as for Royal Gala. Pink blush with dapples not stripes, otherwise see Colour above
Flesh Green white or light green, as for Royal Gala
Flavour Sweet and crisp as for Royal Gala
Cropping Regular and heavy as for Royal Gala
Bloom/Pollination With Royal Gala
Storage Work has yet to be undertaken, but initial results show that Gilmac is as good as Royal Gala for storage
Tree Vigour As for Royal Gala or perhaps slightly less

This Gala mutation is exceptional for it's unusual colour.

The strain is essentially stable. We have seen little or no change in three generations of selection.

Gilmac appears to be very, very stable and the pink colour is built up in an unusual way with dappling similar to Fuji rather than striping. This may contribute to its stability

At present this mutation is limited only to New Zealand where it is being developed for production based royalties - 50c/per TCE packed plus tree royalty.

Overseas licenses are able to be negotiated


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