About McGrath Nurseries

McGrathNursariesMcGrath Nurseries specializes in producing fruit trees.  We grow trees of apple, apricot, cherry, nectarine, peach, pear and plum and supply trees to every growing district of New Zealand.

McGrath Nurseries is situated in the North Island of New Zealand at a latitude of 38°S and an altitude of 100m above sea level. The nursery is located in the river valley of New Zealand’s largest river, the Waikato River. The rainfall of this area is approximately 1,650 mm annually. This is very evenly distributed with 150 mm per month, except for January, February and March, which have 100 mm per month. The soils are composed of recently rewashed volcanic ash, and this is admixed with quartz and pumice sand to form a free draining, sandy loam soil. This climate/soil combination allows us to grow the very high quality fruit trees we are renowned for throughout New Zealand.

The nursery consists of 160 hectares and grows between 250,000 and 500,000 trees annually.  All crops are rotated to guarantee production of the highest quality trees.

Our major commodity is apples and we are one of the two major apple tree nurseries in New Zealand.  

We have a particular skill and very strong involvement in the cherry and apricot industries.  McGrath Nurseries is the dominant tree supplier for these industries in New Zealand. We grow more than 90% of the cherry trees planted in New Zealand and over 75% of the apricot trees planted.

McGrath Nurseries employs a dedicated team of 9 full time staff and seasonal staff of 5 to 12 people for up to 9 months of the year.  Our full time staff average 13 years of service each and are well qualified and experienced in the nursery business.  

Our reputation is for high quality trees and quality performing varieties.  Our high market share enables us to readily penetrate the market to introduce new varieties.  We have strong ties to GPVA who is involved in variety introduction and plant intellectual property management.  Together, we have become experts in assessing and adding value to new and novel plant varieties for the benefit of all those involved in the value chain.

McGrath Nurseries philosophy is very simple:

  • We are constantly seeking improvements that will be of advantage to our clients through the development of new technology, fruit varieties and access to the market which will ultimately improve the competitiveness of the New Zealand fruit grower.
  • We are motivated by curiosity and the search for excellence, and are keen to learn and improve.
  • We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of technology in the business of growing fruit trees and development and testing of new technology and varieties.
  • Our focus is continual improvement of varieties and systems using scientific methods and grower and market focus.

McGrath Nurseries reputation is one of hardworking, honesty and integrity.

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